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  • “The SAFE and DRY way

    to clean carpets, rugs, and upholstery!”

    • Innovative Dry Cleaning Process
    • Effective Pet Odor Removal
    • Professional Technicians
    • 60 Minute Dry Time
    • Extra Appointment Times
    • Tough Stain Removal
    • No Hidden Charges


    Safe-Dry® is a carpet cleaning company in Irmo, that specializes in all-natural, chemical-free carpet cleaners. We are the best carpet cleaner in the area if you want a soap and detergent-free cleaning experience.

    Safe-Dry® stands as a distinguished carpet cleaning enterprise located in Irmo, committed to utilizing natural, eco-friendly, and chemical-free cleaning solutions. In the realm of carpet care within the vicinity, we emerge as the premier choice for those seeking an immaculate cleaning devoid of soaps and detergents.

    Not only do we excel in eradicating stains and unpleasant odors, but Safe-Dry® also boasts proficiency in rejuvenating carpets, intricate rugs, and delicate upholstery. Unique to Safe-Dry® is our signature cleaning technique, guaranteeing that your carpets return to a dry state in merely an hour post-cleaning. Led by our adept team of technicians, we pledge unparalleled customer satisfaction, punctuating our commitment with exact-time scheduling and the availability of immediate, same-day services.

    Taking the convenience a notch higher, when you opt to arrange your carpet cleaning session via our online portal, a seasoned Safe-Dry® professional will grace your residence, providing a complimentary cost estimate for the envisaged service.

    We provide excellent stain and odor removal services. Safe-Dry® cleans carpets, rugs and upholstery. The Safe-Dry® method ensures that your carpet is dry within an hour of cleaning. Our qualified technicians provide superior customer service with exact-time appointments and same-day service.

    When you schedule carpet cleaning online, you will have a carpet cleaning professional come to your home and offer a free estimate.

    • – All Natural, Hypoallergenic, Eco-friendly
      – Safe Around Pets and Children
      – Fastest Dry Times In The Busniness
      – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    • – In-Home Cleaning
      – Full Flushing Services Available
      – Odor Removal Guarantee
      – Spot Testing

    3 Rooms Cleaned Now Only $109

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