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  • Knoxville

  • “The SAFE and DRY way

    to clean carpets, rugs, and upholstery!”

    • Innovative Dry Cleaning Process
    • Effective Pet Odor Removal
    • Professional Technicians
    • 60 Minute Dry Time
    • Extra Appointment Times
    • Tough Stain Removal
    • No Hidden Charges

    Yacht Cove

    Safe-Dry® proudly stands as a renowned carpet cleaning establishment in the picturesque Yacht Cove, fervently championing the use of completely natural and chemical-free cleaning agents. For individuals with a discerning preference for a cleaning process untouched by soaps and detergents, we indisputably position ourselves as the leading carpet care connoisseur in the region.

    Beyond conventional cleaning, we delve deep into the intricacies of stain and odor eradication, ensuring your carpets, bespoke rugs, and lavish upholstery radiate their intrinsic charm once more. The hallmark Safe-Dry® approach is a testimony to efficiency – promising not just an impeccable cleaning but also the assurance that your carpet will be thoroughly dry in a mere hour after our expertise is applied. Armed with a team of proficient technicians, we remain steadfast in delivering an exceptional tier of customer service, distinguished by meticulously timed appointments and the invaluable option of expedited, same-day services.

    For those who harness the digital age’s convenience, scheduling your carpet cleaning via our online interface ensures that a dedicated Safe-Dry® maestro will grace your residence, ready to present a comprehensive, complimentary service estimate.

    • – All Natural, Hypoallergenic, Eco-friendly
      – Safe Around Pets and Children
      – Fastest Dry Times In The Busniness
      – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    • – In-Home Cleaning
      – Full Flushing Services Available
      – Odor Removal Guarantee
      – Spot Testing

    3 Rooms Cleaned Now Only $109

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