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  • Upholstery

    Safe-Dry of Columbia, SC can return life to all sorts of fabric on your upholstered furniture. We specialize in a wide range of fabrics, whether it be a microfiber recliner or an antique couch, our carbonated cleaning solutions are pointed at lifting the dirt from your upholstery and leaving your furniture residue-free. You never have to fear about damaging substances or aggressive odors getting in the way of you relaxing on your favorite section of furniture. Our team of professional technicians strives to deliver expert cleaning for all of your upholstered needs. Often, we encounter upholstery that pets have left their urine, hair, or dander on. If you are considering making that couch fresh, removing an odor, or have problems with staining then give us a call. We take pride in our customer relations and will answer promptly, proving us to be one of the best upholstery cleaners in the Columbia, SC area.


    • Safety Shield Protectant
    • Pet Odor/Stain Removal
    • Allergen Treatment
    • Antibacterial Sanitizer
    • Problem Stain Removal
    • All Surfaces, Not Just Visible Ones!

      Upon arrival, our technicians will move your furniture out from its selected area. This will permit us to appropriately evaluate and tackle all of your concerns with the piece. We make sure to clean it while it pulled out that way those irritating odors and allergens don’t have anywhere to hide. We, of course, will move all your furniture back to its chosen place to be as convenient to you as imaginable.

    • All Fabrics Are Different and Should Be Treated as So!

      Our team of specialized technicians has wide-ranging knowledge in all kinds of fabric. They will determine what type of fabric(s) your furniture has, which will then permit us to come up with a plan to ease your problems. We’ve come across all types of fabrics, from contemporary to antiques, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Mattresses are also included in this sort of cleaning.

    • Quality Is In The Details!

      Just like with rugs, spot testing is occasionally essential to determine what approaches we would be able to administer to your specific piece. To do this we apply a small amount of solution in a discreet area and dab the solution out. This will inform us of certain dyes that could smear or bleed. We, of course, will adjust our procedures to suit the needs of your furniture.

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